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きゃしい ♥
18 April 2009 @ 07:06 pm
Hola. V^__^V
Nice I am writing here again. *grins*

Thanks to hitomito  for keeping in touch :) Im fine at work and I hope you are doing great with your life as well.

How are you all? Do you still fancy Tegoshi or Yamapi? lol what a question but to answer that, ME?

Haiiii~. but sucks i think they are loosing a quality fanbase. When I say quality, those who dont flood y'know?

How's Twilight? as expected Robert Pattinson didnt keep me. The movie sucks. And suddenly they became boring to me. I will still watch the sequels though Im not going to be rabid about it anymore. -_-?

Anyway, akira_baka  asked for a copy of [Hey Hey Hey] 5-14-2007 Tegomass' Kissu performance.

I'm so in the mood to share ^^ 
Click the pic to watch and download.

I am going to take request uploads from now on.
Comment and ask about a specific video and I'll see if I have it in my file. X)

Random JE Blahs blahs...Collapse )

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